0803 Soho, New York

It’s Apple Center in Soho, New York. It’s really sunny, but not so hot inside. I just bought a new-developed apple-made mouse, which called “Mighty Mouse”. I hope to use it asap ^^

Dear sister, is the perfume you requested is sold in DFS? plz let me know.

I’ve accustomed to walk in NY nowadays… but I’d like to come back also. Oh, I have to go. I’m really crazy to see you all. Bye-bye!

2 thoughts on “0803 Soho, New York

  1. Sister

    Hey, If you can, drop by apple store again and get two more mighty mice ^^ – one for me & one for my collegue. Plus, I’m so sure the perfume I’ve asked will be in any stores (incl DFS) – It’s .. sort of .. popular one. Enjoy your days! Bye!

  2. philia

    sister / 어제 애플센터에서는 한글’쓰는’ 법을 몰라서 그런거고..
    마우스는 Sold Out. 세명이서 두개밖에 못샀어 -_-
    부탁한건 DFS에서 찾아보도록 하지. 잘 살고 있지? ^^


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